When Tim Tebow reported to Mets Spring Training he had more media coverage than your average player coming up in the league. Tebow of course handled the media well but who really thinks the former quarterback is really going to make it any farther than the low Minor Leagues?

Despite reports saying he has practiced he still hasn’t played a real game of baseball since high school, so he going to be rusty. Secondly he’s 29 years old, bringing that media distraction and the fan distraction with him may not be a good thing for a 22 year old who got drafted or undrafted out of college, and is trying to prove that he belongs in the Majors, while this former quarterback is taking the spotlight because of his name.

Many people believe that this is a publicity stunt that the Tebow  is trying make more of a name for himself, it would draw crowds and for jersey sales. Did the Mets really think he could play or did they juat sign him to bring people in? We many never know that answer but it’s a great debate to have.  I think it’s alittle bit of both alittle on the drawing crowd side and some on the baseball side that he could be an average player if he works hard.

Alot of teams passed on Tebow because of this distraction he brings. He played in the Arizona Fall League and batted .194. He was in the cages the other day and had a few home runs, but let’s see if he plays in a game and then talk about how many home runs he hits.

I respect Tebow but at 29 years old to try and play baseball, but to  take a position from someone that has earned it isn’t right either. I think he’ll work hard and do what he needs to do but don’t expect to see Tim Tebow in the Majors anytime soon.