It’s that time of year again NFL Free Agency, and the New York Jets will do absolutely nothing. The Jets and the other three teams in the AFC East, the easiest division in football have clearly no shot at winning the Division as long as Brady is the quarterback for the Patriots. So for the next two-three years the Jets are in a rebulding stage but who would want to play for such a dysfunctional organization?

The Jets have always been that lost cause of a franchise with their lack of willingness to find ways to win. Whether it’s that clown of a coach Rex Ryan who congratulations made it to the AFC Championship game once, and had a great defense but couldn’t develop a quaterback. Mark Sanchez was mediocre as they come for quarterbacks and could never get into a rhythm. Arguements in the locker room that got out into the media between players it’s such a clown show in New York.

Signing Revis after using New England to win a Super Bowl was a complete debacle. He obviously wasn’t the same player and proved that when he returned. Letting go of Brandon Marshall who really wasn’t a factor on the Jets anyway because they don’t have a decent quarterback.

Unfortunately for the Jets the Patriots are getting better with their recent free agent signings, while the Jets keep waiting for something to break in their favor. If I lived in New York I would be a Giants fan because at least they have a shot at winning the Jets however will still have to wait awhile before they atleast make the playoffs.