Aaron Judge is one of the Baby Bombers Yankee fans and the organization are excited for. Judge began his first stint with the Yankees by hitting a home run in his first at bat. However he was mostly disappointing and some of his numbers were even concerning.

Judge batted just .179 in 27 games. He struck out in 50% of his at bats. That number is extremely alarming. The Yankees won’t mind if Judge strikes out at around 30% of the time but 50 is way too much. If Aaron Judge hits 30+ home runs the Yankees will be forced to settle for his huge strike out numbers. If Judge can make enough contact he can profile as a player like Chris Davis on the Orioles or even his teammate Chris Carter. His best case scenario would be profiling like a Giancarlo Stanton. His worst case a Russell Branyan.

The Yankees have to realistically access the best and worst case scenario for Judge this season. He is still a young player and even if he does not get it together this season theirs still hope for him. The best case scenario for Aaron Judge is he is the Yankees everyday right fielder. If Judge plays to his best case scenario he is a guy the Yankees feel can hit 25-40 home runs. The worst case scenario is Judge continues to strikeout like last years rate and he ends up back in Triple A.

Judge so far is off to a good start in spring training. Judge hit a long home run. He also hit a triple. He cut down a runner trying to stretch a single into a double.  Judge did good situational hitting the other day an sacrificed a ground out for an RBI. The Yankees will look at the little things with Aaron Judge this Spring. They already know he can hit for huge power. He needs to be more consistent. If he makes the proper modifications to his swing he can be a huge power bat.