Tim Tebow made his Spring Training debut today against the Red Sox. He had to go against last year’s Cy Young winner Rick Porcello as a DH and he strugguled. In his firsr at bat he struck out on four pitches against Porcello.

Tebow then in his next at-bat grounded into 4-6-3 double play against right hander Noe Ramirez. The bases were loaded and he drove in a run but it doesn’t count for a RBI, there are no RBI’s on double plays.

In the sixth inning he took a pitch to the shoulder from Brian Johnson. Later in that inning he was doubled off on forst base on a line drive. Then in the eighth he struck out on three pitches from right hander Brandon Workman.

So overrall he went 0-3 with two strikeouts. The only reason he is playing on the Major League team is because some of the players are playing in the World Baseball Classic. He obviously draws crowds and good for marketing but you will never see Tebow play in the Majors for this season or maybe the next few.

Tebow batted .194 with 20 strikeouts and 62 at-bats in the Arizona Fall League. The former quarterback trying to play a sport he hasn’t played in for 12 years is going to be difficult.