Quincy Acy is someone that Brooklyn Nets fans can be excited about, but haven’t seen enough of. The former Baylor Bear signed a multi-year deal with the team not too long ago after back-to-back 10-day contracts, but the team’s ineptitude has overshadowed his effectiveness.

Thus far, Acy has suited up for 15 contents and is averaging a tick more than 12 minutes a night. To say his time has fluctuated would be an understatement; one night he’ll play 20 minutes, the other he’ll play three. Nevertheless, his numbers are impressive despite the small sample size. His 7.1 points a night are a career-high, and he’s nailing 54.1 percent of his shots, and that includes 18-of-32 from downtown — a mind-boggling 56.3 percent clip.

Brooklyn has lacked on the glass all season long, and Acy counteracts that by rebounding at a respectable rate. He’s 6-7, so a bit undersized for the power forward spot and definitely undersized at the center position, which is where he splits his minutes. The 2.5 rebounds stretch to 7.4 when adjusted to per 36 minutes, and, although it’s not the most reliable stat, it’s a decent way to gauge how productive he’s been.

The most glaring stat, though, is the differential per 100 possessions. When Acy’s on the floor, the Nets put up 114.9 points per 100, compared to just 103.2 when he sits. That tells me that the offense is more efficient with him involved because of the versatility he brings. Being able to shoot is the main thing, and he fits perfectly into the Nets’ game plan because their offense is three-point centric. Acy also pulls one of the opposing bigs away from the basket, opening up driving lines and giving Brook Lopez more room to work on the block.

At 10-51, I hope to see Kenny Atkinson and his staff add some variety to their lineups as the season progresses. Although a handful of guys like Caris LeVert, Sean Kilpatrick and Isaiah Whitehead are probably going to be the long-term pieces, it won’t hurt to throw some others into the fray and see if they have what it takes to be pieces of the puzzle.