With Opening Day exactly one month from today, we got our first look at ace Noah Syndergarrd today at First Data Field. Noah Syndergaard pitched two scoreless innings with one hit and two walks.

Syndergaard was once again asked about the World Baseball Classic, and his answer couldn’t have been more perfect. “Ain’t nobody made it to the Hall Of Fame or World Series playing in the WBC.” The WBC is probably the most unwatchable baseball event. They should have it right after the season in November or early December, not in the middle of March a month before the regular season begins.

Syndergaard also talked about his changeup today saying “I think right now, where my changeup is at, it has the potential to be my best swing-and-miss pitch. Its got alot more deception to it. My changeup’s just got a really deceptive arm-speed and looks like a fastball coming out. Everyone is going up there trying to get ready for my fastball.”

So Mets fans should be ecstatic that their ace isn’t pitching in that pointless tournament and potentially injuring his arm, or possibly getting hurt. They need their ace to be at his best when it matters during the regular season, and potentially the playoffs.