By Sam Gordon,

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall has a bleak future in the meadowlands as there is a lot of speculation as to if he will be paid his $7.5 million in base salary.
Marshall was named a second team all-pro with the Jets in 2015 with 109 receptions for 1,509 yards and 14 touchdowns. His production dipped however the following season as he was only able to accumulate 59 receptions for 588 yards and three touchdowns.
Coming into this offseason, the Jets will be looking to do a huge overhaul after a 5-11 season and the 32 year old receiver may not be a part of their long term plans. After releasing one their best centers in franchise history in Nick Mangold as well as future hall of fame cornerback Darrelle Revis, Marshall hasn’t heard any talks of a release and as far as he is concerned he is under contract.
“There’s never been a conversation between my agents and the Jets or me and the Jets about, ‘Hey, we’re going to release you’ or ‘We’re thinking about releasing you,’” Marshall said. “With that being said, I’m under contract and that’s the way I’m approaching it. So I know that I’m still a dominant, elite receiver that demands a lot of attention, and I’m going to continue to work my tail off to be better. There’s a lot of things that I haven’t accomplished in this league, and I want it. And hopefully it works out before my time’s up.”
Despite a bleak looking future with the team, Marshall insists he would stay with Jets and loves the team’s spirit. He also believes that the Jet’s organization has the capability reverting to winning ways as early as this coming season.
“I know my teammates and I know people in this organization, and everyone’s passionate about winning, and winning the right way and winning now,” Marshall said. “So I believe in my guys.”
Even though he would like to stay with the Jets, former Jets players such as Boomer Esiason believe he should find a team where he could find a taste of the playoffs. Most notably referencing the division rival New England Patriots.
“It would make more sense for him than the Jets,” Esiason said. “It’s time for him to go find a spot where he can taste the playoffs … Right now, as we sit at this point in time, the Jets are one of five teams about as far away from the playoffs as the Knicks are.”
Esiason made the case that it didn’t matter where he went whether he goes to the Patriots or another successful team, he just needs to find a place to add a ring to his historic career.
“I don’t care where it is. I don’t care if it’s the Patriots,” Esiason said. “If that’s where you end up and they want you. You’ve got to feel it. You have to go for it.”