David Wright has had another setback to start the 2017 season as he has an impingement in his right shoulder that will make him questionable for Opening Day.

The question on everybody’s mind is this the beginning of the end for David Wright. That may not be the case because he would be walking away from $67million by doing so.

David Wright couldn’t throw in basic throwing drills according to Sandy Alderson the Mets General Manager on Tuesday.

The  media was not present during the drill part of Spring Training which some speculated as odd because the media wanted to see how Wright would throw.

Sandy Alderson also indicated that the reason why the media wasn’t allowed in that portion was because he didn’t want to cause speculation by the media.

According to New York Newsday he was insisting that his neck was no longer an issue, and he proved it before his Grapefruit League debut. Friday he even to in part of extra batting practice.

But that all changed obviously since May of 2015  when he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, he has just played in 45 of 281 Mets games. The Impingement in the shoulder is the latest blow for Wright, which according to Alderson is from the neck surgery he had for the spinal stenosis.

Manager Terry Collions has a plan as Jose Reyes will be playing third base he told reporters, “it’s very sad news to hear about D. Wright. What he’s been through that last two  years, you have to be very strong of mind to continue to go to the ball park every day with the right attitude, happy and trying to get better.” Reyes concluded with “Hopefully he can be healthy and contribute to this ball club, because when he’s healthy he’s a good player.”

David Wright at 34 has had his setbacks but don’t expect him to retire just yet.