By Sam Gordon,

After releasing running back Rashad Jennings as a cap casualty, the New York Giants maybe looking for another workhorse running back. Enter Adrian Peterson. One of the best running backs to play in the NFL, Peterson is now looking for a new home and has been linked to teams such as the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots.
But the first team to speak out about the 32 year old running back has been has been head coach Ben McAdoo and the New York Giants.
McAdoo has stated after the release of Jennings that if he believes Peterson is the right fit for his team, he is willing to make the move.
“We’ll go take a look at him, we’ll evaluate him,” McAdoo said. “We’ll get a grade on anyone who’s available and we’ll make those decisions in terms of what’s best for the Giants moving forward,’’
While Peterson seems like an intriguing option for the Football Giants. Questions have come up about rookie starting running back Paul Perkins who down the stretch, had an impressive rookie season.
“Paul (Perkins) is a lot like the rest of the rookies,’’ McAdoo said. “It’s important when these rookies get back to New York they understand they don’t have everything figured out, that we need to keep our thumb on those guys and they need to grow and they need to get better. We need to make gains, our rookie class needs to make gains.”
While saying that the 2016 draft class had done a very nice job. McAdoo emphasized that they also need to make improvements at positions on the roster, including running back.
“We had a nice class of guys there, and Paul’s one of those players,” McAdoo stated. “But he needs to get better, like the rest of ‘em. Even if it’s marginally in each area of his game, but we need to make gains there.’’
While Perkins showed promise running for rushing for a stable 4.1 yards a carry, Perkins struggled while running in the redzone not scoring one rushing touchdown or receiving touchdown throughout the entire season.
Peterson would more than likely be an upgrade over Perkins and Jennings however, he has had an extensive injury history only playing a 16 game season once in the past four years as well as baggage for his recent suspension in 2014 for hitting his son.
Peterson is unsure about his future but one thing is certain for the veteran running back. He wants to be in a place where he can be successful and win a Super Bowl ring.
“In the meantime, I will explore my other options and see what path God leads me on,’’ Peterson said. “My main goal remains the same: to win a Super Bowl championship with a great team, which I also believe we have in Minnesota.’’